Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

This bizarre and hilarious leg flailing trick attracted a mob of giant emus.

When professional wildlife ecologists Daniel Bromley and Grace Hornstra spotted the group of emus in the distance in Western Queensland, Australia, they decided to try a humorous trick in an attempt to attract the giant birds.

With Grace lying on her back on the ground, the veteran wildlife consultant proceeded to cycle her legs in the air.

Within seconds, a mob of emus – the world’s second largest birds – slowly wandered closer to the pair, clearly bemused by the flailing legs.

Both Daniel and Grace clearly couldn’t believe the trick worked as in hilarious footage the pair couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of the oncoming giants.  

Daniel said: “When we spotted the emus, we decided to drive closer.

“When we stopped and got out of the car, the emus started to run away.

“Then Grace got down on the ground and started cycling her legs in the air.

“The Emu’s stopped running away and started heading towards us.

“I couldn’t believe it worked. I have always thought it was an old wives tale until I saw it for myself.

“My guess as to why they were attracted is because it may be a mating response. 

“It’s the only reason I think that an animal would change from fleeing to being so curious.

“It was so funny. I was absolutely thrilled it worked! We laughed so much our sides hurt. I still can’t believe the old wives tale is true!”