Video Viral

By Neo Bye

A guy literally fell head over heels for Barbie – after crashing head first through a doll display.

Justin Desantis decided to liven up his regular shopping trip to his local Walmart supermarket in Smithtown, New York, with a daring stunt.

Pushing store items from the shelves, Justin headed to the top of a metal rack and within seconds the prankster was flying through the air – before crash landing into a Barbie display.

With a thud, the carefully selected array of dolls crumbled to the floor as Justin laid in the destroyed cardboard disaster.

Eyewitness Hunter Smith, 20, who filmed the dramatic footage, couldn’t believe it when he saw his friend plummet into a pile of dolls.

Hunter said: “Nobody had any idea what Justin was trying to do.

“He has never tried anything like this before.

“People laughed really hard and I personally enjoyed it.”