Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A husband and wife duo have been captured conquering the world of pool trickshots.

Florian Kohler of Las Vegas, Nevada, US, has become a legend in the world of pool trickshots.

The 30-year-old has travelled the world as a professional pool trick shot artist ever since falling in love with the sport aged 12.

Florian’s jet-setting lifestyle has resulted in him becoming a two time World Cup of Trick Shots winner and six time Guinness Book World Records holder.

Though most partners may roll their eyes at the idea of a room in their house being dedicated to pool, Florian’s wife, Lana, 35, has fully embraced the sport her husband has conquered, to the point the pair now perform some slick tricks together.

From smashing a rack of red balls into every pocket in one hit, to throwing each other a cue mid-trick, to Florian lovingly holding Iana in his arms while she performs a trick shot, the pair love to fool about with pool.

Though Florian is the professional, it didn’t take long for digital marketing manager, Lana, to master the pockets, performing her own jump and power pot tricks.

Florian said: “Lana started showing interest in pool after we met. She was a beginner pool player back then.

“It’s always a great feeling when I see Iana complete a difficult trick.”

It appears the entire family is obsessed with the sport as even the pair’s seven year old daughter, Chrissy, and pet pug getting in on the action 

The pairs love for each other clearly falls out onto the table with romantic love hearts and cupid’s arrows being familiar patterns displayed 

Florian said: ‘The main thing for me was that I was able to create new shots nobody had ever seen before.”