Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

An angry two-year-old has been caught screaming in anger at a stubborn reflective strip of tape.

The hilarious clip of toddler,  Jógvan Samson, sees him looking disgruntled during play time at his home on the Faroe Islands, Denmark, as a simple strip of tape continued to ravel back up into a ball.

With frustration boiling over, little Jógvan rushed to father Bjarni Samson, 38, pleading for help.

With his dad’s words of encouragement, the tiny toddler tried one more time to unravel the stubborn strip.

The clip shows Jógvan being incredibly close to unravelling the tape, until the last moment when once again, the strip quickly ravelled back up into a ball 

Family friend, Rúni Djurhuus said: “It was hard not to laugh because this was obviously a big thing for him to master.”

Two years have passed since Jógvan’s run-in with the strip, but it seems as though the now four-year-old has forgiven his former foe.

Rúni said: “Today he wears the strip around his arm every morning to kindergarten and he can even unravel it himself.”