Life Video

By Jack Mobley

A husband and wife sold everything they owned to live their lives travelling across North America in a van.

After deciding to quit their day jobs, Scott Gable and wife Sarah Grzeskowiak, both 43, finally set off from their old home in Buffalo, New York, on June 1, 2017.

In the almost two years they’ve been living and driving their 2016 Mercedes Sprinter – lovingly called The Big Scout – they have visited 23 states in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

They got the idea when photographer Scott realised, he was taking longer work trips out to the west coast and librarian Sarah agreed to join him when he suggested the radical change.

Scott said: “At a certain point I realized I could do these trips much more comfortably.

“Then realized I never really needed to come back home.

Sarah agreed, quit her job, we sold everything we owned and fitted out the van.

After making the decision, it took two years to finally fulfil their dream, having to wait nine months for their new van to be delivered.

Having spent almost £40,000 ($51,000) on the Mercedes, they then stockpiled parts and components costing a further £11,000 ($15,000) to refit the vehicle for everyday living.

Scott said: “The van was delivered as just an empty shell.

“It took an additional 14 months to finish the upfit.

“I had to teach myself 12v and 110v electrical systems, solar panel installs, plumbing, metal working, cabinetry and a whole bunch of things I never even considered would be needed.

“I woke up and went to sleep many days with nothing but van on my brain and now consider myself pretty mechanically adept.”

The couple spend much of their time in the western states of the USA but have taken the van for several months in British Columbia, Canada, and Baja, Mexico.

Despite their travels, they still have friends and family back home.

Scott said: “We still consider Buffalo our ‘home’.

“We plan on heading up to Alaska later this spring and staying until the weather gets bad in the fall.

“The end game for us is either the Pan American highway all the way down to Patagonia or shipping the van to Western Europe and making our way overland to China.”

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