Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A daring group of wingsuit pilots leaped out of a helicopter and soared through the skies alongside the wings of a plane.

Helicopter pilot and wingsuit diver Nicholas Sacco decided the biggest form of flattery would be imitation, as the daredevil bravely jumped from a chopper and flew alongside a plane over Lake Powell in Arizona.

Nicholas, from Las Vegas, Nevada, opened the door to reveal the beautiful lakes and barren deserts far below while hanging on the outside of the helicopter.

Along with fellow wingsuit enthusiasts Matt Gerdes, Mike Swanson, Will Kitti and Keith Forsyth Nicholas took flight from the safety of the helicopter.

Soaring through the air at incredible speeds, the group managed to chase down their intended target, a red plane.

In perfect formation, alongside the plane, the troupe soar through the desert air, with Nicholas mere inches away from the tip of the wing as well as the deadly spinning propellers.

Nicholas said: “I have been skydiving for 15 years now.

“We had been thinking about doing this for a long time. 

“We wanted to pull it off in a very unique location.

“We were super excited, but it was very difficult to pull off.

“It took months of planning and waiting for the correct weather and wind conditions. 

“In the end it was incredible.”