By Jamie Smith

These epic photos reveal the drama of reindeer racing.

Russian wildlife photographer Andrey Gudkov, 46, snapped the action-packed shots in the snowy city of Salekhard.

PIC FROM Andrey Gudkov/Caters News

His images show the reindeer in action up close, racing the track in blistering cold conditions while piloted by their keepers.

The annual festival of reindeer breeders gathers large numbers of spectators and participants from distant villages as reindeer herders swarm the city to show off their talents.

Andrey said: “People come From distant villages, and reindeer herders come to Salekhard with their families on sledges drawn by reindeer.

PIC FROM Andrey Gudkov/Caters News

“Some villages are so far away that the herders travel over a few days to Salekhard and this year the festival gathered a record number of participants and spectators.

“The reindeer racing made for some of the most interesting and dynamic moments.”