Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A skilled unicyclist hopped and skidded his way over the rocks and boulders of Arizona.

If you thought extreme mountain biking over harsh terrain was difficult, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

Skilled Cody Williams tackled the ragged rocks, massive boulders and cliff edges of Beaver Creek, Sedona, all the while balancing on one single wheel.

Cody took up the unique sport, known as Mountain Unicycling, or ‘Muni’, after beginning his love affair with unicycling in Flagstaff Arizona’s local Circus.

Hurtling down steep slopes, hopping from rock to rock, and even cycling backwards near a cliff edge, Cody mastered the beautiful but deadly landscape with avid videographer Jake Hewitt in tow.

Jake said: “It was both nerve racking and amazing to see someone first hand do something I have never seen before. 

“Cody is a master at his craft.

“I’ve tried unicycling whenever there has been one around and even tried a bit of Muni while on that filming trip! I was very sub par.”

Cody headed higher and higher to the very top of the ginormous flat top mountain overlooking his hometown.

Though the ledge became thinner and thinner, Cody steamed ahead, balancing with only mere inches either side of his single wheel.

Jake said: “Cody has done plenty of Muni over the years, but he said the shot of him on the cliff was the pinnacle of his unicycle career.”