Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A skilled six-year-old golfer fired a flop shot over his dad’s head and straight into the hole behind.

Little Leo Boniface was practicing his skills at the Horton Park Golf Club in Surrey on March 31 when he decided to step it up.

Lining up his chip shot in front of dad Lester, 33, the tiny Tiger Woods – who plays off a handicap of 19 – hits the ball mere centimetres over his head.

Landing on the green behind his dad, the ball bounces once before landing in the hole behind causing them both to celebrate.

Lester said: “It’s so hard not to flinch when you have a six-year-old hitting golf balls over your head.

“I was not nervous as I have seen Leo do so many incredible things.

“He was showing of in front of mummy and asked if he could chip over my head.

“Leo loves golf and dreams of being a professional one day.

“He watches golf videos on YouTube every night before bed and wakes up and puts golf on TV.”