Video Viral

By Neo Bye

An unlucky skater wiped out into a shallow, dirty, brown puddle of water.

On March 18, 28- year-old Max Mead didn’t see a dirty puddle of water to avoid at Laguna Skate Garden in Sebastopol, California, but rather a challenge to beat. 

After building up speed around the bowl, Max initially looked safe from disaster, and even successfully revolved around the bowl multiple times.

However, Max got too confident and headed back for more, only to end wiping out into the dirty, stagnate water at the bottom of the bowl.

Max said: “I absolutely believed I was going to avoid the water.

“I got over radical and thought I’d carve the bowl in the opposite direction.

“But I realised my mistake after I slashed the coping in the shallow end of the bowl.

“I was annoyed but also amused with myself.

“The skates were brand new.

“Everyone else’s reaction was unbridled laughter.”