By Mike Jones

An eagle-eyed bird of prey successfully caught a fish with a mid-air snatch in these fantastic split second photographs.

Wildlife photographer Nicolas Reusens, 43, took the stunning shots in Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan – and it was safe to say this particular eagle wasn’t a fish out of water when it came to hunting.

PIC FROM Nicolas Reusens/Caters News 

Nicolas, from Barcelona, said: “One of the eagles were returning from the sea and lost the grip on the fish it was grabbing.

“Milliseconds later another eagle saw the fish and took the chance of getting it in mid air

PIC FROM Nicolas Reusens/Caters News 


“I got the picture of the very same moment the eagle jumped from the ice surface and grabbed the fish in the air, freezing motion of it with a really funny face and pose.”