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By Chris Jaffray

A heartbroken pet owner has spoken out after her pooch was nearly killed when raisins – which can be fatal to dogs – were scattered across a public park.

Steph Cookson was enjoying a walk with puppy Bella in the park in Hyde, Greater Manchester, on Sunday evening [March 31] when she noticed the food on the ground.

Before the estate agent could stop Bella, the pup had gobbled up 15 of the raisins from the grass.


The pooch’s life was left in the lurch and she needed emergency surgery to prevent damage to her liver and kidneys but has luckily since made a full recovery.

Mum-of-three Steph, who does not know whether the fruit was scattered deliberately, is now determined to warn other pet owners of the risks of the toxic fruit.

She said: “I saw Bella eating something on the floor, so I told her to leave it.

“But when she went back I realised it was a lot of raisins that were scattered all over the grass and I knew they were toxic to dogs.

“I rushed her to the vets and they got her to throw up – she vomited 15 raisins which was a deadly dose.

“It wasn’t until 4.30pm the next day we knew she was in the clear – it was terrifying.


“My sons were all left really, really upset by the ordeal.

“We are keeping an eye on her and she has some bruising on her paws from where the cannulas went in, but she is glad to be home.”

After Steph realised the danger of Bella ingesting the raisins, she contacted her local vets.

But as they were shut she was told to take the pup to an emergency vets where she was forced to vomit.

When staff realised she had swallowed 15 raisins – a fatal dose – she underwent immediate treatment where they fed her charcoal and kept her hydrated with drips to prevent damage to her kidneys and liver with her owners fearing the worst.

At 4pm the next day [MON] Steph, husband Steven and sons Ben, 13, Jack 11 and Henry, seven, got the call letting them know the pooch was in the clear.


Bella was returned to her family on Tuesday [April 2] – with her owners thrilled to have her home.

Steph said she initially thought someone may have scattered the raisins deliberately to poison a dog, but said it could also have been an innocent mistake.

She added: “I don’t know if it was done deliberately, but it did cross my mind.

“It could also have been someone leaving raisins out for birds, in ignorance about what they do to dogs.

“I have delivered leaflets on the street asking people to use bird tables if they want to feed birds where dogs can’t reach them.

“I have spoken to 20 to 30 dog owners who did not know raisins were toxic to dogs so it’s all about raising awareness.”