Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

An incensed daughter interrupted her mum while she was in the bathroom to tell her about being called a ‘boogehead’.

Madalynn Newman barged in on mum Ciera while she was at home in Aiken, South Carolina, on March 18 to complain about perceived injustice.

Explaining that a girl at school had told her another boy had called her a ‘boogerhead’, the spunky schoolgirl retorted but her teacher heard and she was told off.

Outraged by the injustice, Madalynn vented her frustration to her 27-year-old mum while she was trying to enjoy some alone time in the bathroom.

Ciera said: “I was trying my best not to die laughing.

“I was trying to keep it going because she was so serious.

“Drama starts early these days apparently.

“My favourite part is when she calls the little girl a liar because she really meant it.”