By Dan Coles

These stunning photos capture an explosive brawl between two hares.

Shot by 47-year-old draughtsman and wildlife photographer Norman Watson, the images were taken in Aberdeen, Scotland, during mating season last month.

PIC FROM Norman Watson / Caters News

In Norman’s dramatic images, the hares can be seen smashing against each other in what appears to be an intense fight between a female and the alpha male of the drove, the plural term for a group of hares.

Within each drove, the alpha male must best the rest of the males and then finally face off with the female before mating.

PIC FROM Norman Watson / Caters News

Norman said: “It was a great moment, and sheer luck, but that’s what happens with wildlife photography.

“I called one of the shots ‘The Love Bite’ because the female initiates the fight, which is followed by mating.

“The top male first chases away the rest of males and after the boxing between top male and female finishes, the mating happens.”