Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A lazy cat will not leave his spot on the couch, even when he’s threatened with a vacuum cleaner.

Nine-year-old kitten Tate loves lying on the sofa and owner Justin McClafferty found he loves it even more if his fur is brushed with a vacuum cleaner.

In March, Justin filmed the cat clearly looking please as he got vacuumed.

Justin said: “My wife hates when the cat gets on the couch but with her being on holiday for a week, Tate decided that he was going to live the bachelor life.

“I had kicked him off the couch three times already and he kept going back.

“I figured the vacuum would certainly scare him off and then I could vacuum the hair he left behind.

“Clearly he not only wasn’t afraid of the vacuum but actually loved the feel even as it sucked in his hair.”