Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A crafty squirrel managed to avoid a Golden Retriever’s grasp.

Six-year-old Pippin loves nothing more than chasing lizards, moles and in one bizarre case, even a speedy squirrel.

The happy Golden Retriever can be seen jumping up a tree on a front lawn in her home in South Carolina, though it’s not clear what has got the dog’s attention.In a flash, a small, furry object hurtled to the floor as a terrified Squirrel scurried away from its playful pursuer.

The tiny squirrel headed over to a pile of branches only to suddenly dart up a tree, safe and sound from the eager Pippin.

Pippin’s owner stated; “Pippin doesn’t kill the squirrels, she loves them to death.

“She’s never caught a squirrel before, though she’s come really close.

“She never quits.”