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By Josh Saunders

Luckily Rodrigo Alves, 35, noticed the painful dent forming in his chin was continuing to expand before it was too late.

CAT scans and x-rays revealed the Celebrity Big Brother star had seroma, a pocket of fluid which doctors said if left untreated could have killed him.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo still swollen but showing off his smaller chin

It also showed the large screws used to fix his new chin implant in place from two months ago [JAN], were too long and touched the roots of his teeth.

Unhappy with how ‘large’ and ‘square’ the implant was, which Rodrigo believed make him look like cartoon character Johnny Bravo, he decided to go under the knife again.

During the £7,000 surgery with Dr Ali Mezdegi from Comfort Zone, the Brazilian, who lives in London, had a smaller v-shaped chin implant put in place,

The two-and-a-half-hour operation also transferred fat from his knees to fill the gap in his chin – caused by the infection – and more liposuction to his chin.

This takes Rodrigo’s total spent to a whopping £615,000 which he has used to alter every part of his body in more than 72 surgeries.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo with his giant chin implant wrongly selected before while under anaesthesia – he believes his giant chin made him look like Johnny Bravo

Now in recovery, he is happier than ever to have smaller and sharper features, which have contributed to his goal of having a ‘new face for the new year’.

Rodrigo said: “I noticed that a deep dent had appeared and the pain in my chin was increasing, I assumed that the implant had exploded due to the pain and gap.

“I had a few x-rays and a CAT scan, which identified an infection in my chin and that the bacteria was eating my skin – this was creating the deformation of the chin.

“If I hadn’t noticed the dent in time the infection could have reached my blood system, then my heart and killed me.

“Also, the scans showed that the screws used to secure my implant were too long and touching the roots of my teeth, causing even more pain.

“Dr Ali Mezdegi removed the silicone implant and the long screws, then used a medium implant made of Medpore, which looks like fake bone, with four small screws.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Scans revealed the screws used to fix the chin implant in place were too big and touched the root of his teeth, as well as revealing the near deadly infection

“Then in order to make my chin smaller he shaved the corners of my chin with a diamond.

“The dent in my chin, which was caused by the infection, was filled with fat taken from my knees through liposuction.

“Then I was given liposuction on my chin too so the angles project better once I’m healed.

“I’m still swollen but can see how small my chin looks now and it’s v-shaped like I wanted, it will take a few more weeks for the final results.

“Before my chin was square like a block, too big and chunky – I felt like Johnny Bravo – and it made my face look so out of proportion to the rest of my body.

“But thankfully Dr Ali was able then to fix it, now it matches the rest of my face and is a small V-shape, which gives more harmony to my facial features.”

Rodrigo believes he suffered the infection after surgery in Tehran in January to replace his chin implant.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo while under the knife during the two and a half hour surgery

During his time there he also had fibrous lumps removed from under the skin, had a nose job revision, a lip-lift, cat-eye surgery and a face-lift.

After the infection was revealed he was treated with antibiotics, but says he struggled to find a medical professional able to take on his complicated case.

Rodrigo said: “In the hunt to find someone to perform the procedure, I was turned down by three surgeons who didn’t know how to fix it or didn’t feel confident performing the surgery.

“Comfort Zone arranged my consultation with Dr Ali Mezdegi, an aesthetic plastic surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon, who felt very confident.”

Since the surgery less than two weeks ago (March 18), his face has slowly been recovering and reducing in size.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: With the reduced chin

After the healing has happened, Rodrigo believes he will be forced to renew all identification cards with photographs including his passport – because no one recognises him.

He said: “I’m sure I will need to update all my documents that have photographs like my passport because my face has changed so drastically again.

“People have struggled to recognise me from my passport many times due to how much plastic surgery and procedures I have had done to my face.

“This year I have been focused on ‘New Year, New Face’, I have been focused on it since January mainly to fix my breathing and launch my popstar career.

“While my nose is not perfect now at least I can breathe better, my face is without lumps and bumps, and my chin doesn’t look too big or have a dent in it.”