By Mikey Jones

Every bunny was kung fu fighting! These epic photos show a ferocious fight between two male hares trying to get the attention of a female.

The explosive images, taken by graphic designer and photographer Ingo Gerlach, from Betzdorf, Germany, show the animals brawling like martial artists to win over their female counterpart – knowing whoever came out on top would be her first choice when choosing a mate.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

In the 66-year-old’s photos, the two hares can be seen grappling on their hind legs before one seems to come out on top.

Ingo said after the fight, which he spotted in Burgenland, Austria, the bunnies took time to rest and tuck into some food.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

He added: “Two males of the field hares started to fight for honour, as the stronger hare has a bigger chance of mating with the female.

“I have been photographing field hares in rut for almost 40 years.

“Rabbit photos are one of my favourites, second only to my African pictures.”