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By Dan Coles

This barber went the extra mile for a disabled client who couldn’t walk into his salon – by giving him a fresh trim outside on his mobility scooter.

Pensioner Steven Taylor, who lives in Stourport, Worcs, has visited Barnes Barber Shop in the town once a month to get his hair cut for the last two and a half years.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

Stroke survivor Steven had found it hard to get around and realised he could no longer physically get from his mobility scooter into the barber’s chair when he arrived at the Barbers on Tuesday [March 26].

Barber Manager Chris Clark, 35, was determined not to let dad-of-two Steven’s trip go to waste and decided as it was a warm day, they would take the salon outside to him instead.

Armed with a wireless razor, Chris, from Stourport, wrapped Steven in a salon gown while sat on his scooter on the pavement to ensure he got the perfect trim.

A heartwarming image of the moment has since gone viral on social media, racking up hundreds of likes and shares.

Steven said: “I’ve been coming here for some time, they look after me.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“I always just say ‘chop it off’.

“Chris is a nice man and it was really nice of him to do it outside.

“They did a good job, it was spot on.

“After he did it, the picture went as far as Spain where my daughter lives – even she has seen it.”

Chris added: “We’ve been seeing Steven come here for about two and a half years.

“Last time he came was just after he had suffered a stroke, and he got upset thinking us getting him in the chair was putting us out.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“It wasn’t, but we figured the best thing to do, if the weather was good, was to cut his hair outside.

“So we brought the barber’s to him – he was loving it.

“It was never trouble getting Steven from his mobility scooter and into the chair inside, but it made him happy feeling like he wasn’t being a bother.

“We’ve told him we’ll always cut his hair outside from now on.

“You get all walks of life in here, we cater for anyone.

“We’re always willing to go the extra mile here, and it’s something we’ll continue to do for people like Steven and anyone else we can.”

Since the picture was shared on social media, it even caught the attention of staff and other residents at the sheltered retirement accommodation where Steven lives.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

But this isn’t the first time Chris and the team at Barnes Barbers, who will even do home calls for clients who can’t make it to the building.

Company owner Marc Barnes, 30, from Worcester, said: “Next up, we’re planning on heading into Worcester for a homeless outreach where we’ll cut homeless people’s hair free of charge, just to do our bit for the area.

“We don’t usually advertise things like this, we do it because we want to give back to the community in the way we know how.”