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By Federico Cornetto

A creative jeweller has proved diamonds are a girl’s breast friend by creating jewellery from the pure breastmilk.

For two years now, Sierra Perea, 25, from White House, Tennessee, has created hundreds of special jewels for people to keep their loved ones close.

Pic by Caters News

From rings made with cremation ashes and umbilical cord, to funeral flowers and pet fur inside necklace pendants, there are a few materials Sierra hasn’t yet used for her art.

Her trademark, however, is the ability to make rock-hard jewels from pure breastmilk, from which the name of her company, Mama Bear Milk, has derived.

Sierra said: “I started making keepsake jewellery in 2017, when I wanted to get my best friend a breast milk ring because I was so proud of how good she was doing breast-feeding her child. 

“When I started researching, the cheapest thing I could find was $300 for the simplest sterling silver ring setting, so I decided to teach myself instead.”

Sierra said she started practicing with her own milk as she was breastfeeding too at the time.

Pic by Caters News

She then took up other materials such as cremation ash of both humans and pets, hair, sand and pieces of clothing.

Sierra said: “There’s not a material I can think of that I haven’t used, but I do get some requests that I haven’t thought of.

“Someone has asked me to use the lenses from a loved one’s eyeglasses by crushing them and creating a keepsake stone with it.

“The only material I’d rather not use is blood.

Pic by Caters News

“I have had one person ask me if I could use blood and I had to turn them down.”

Sierra is now planning to open a store where people can come with their keepsake in hand and pick the type of jewel, they want

Sierra said: “The thing I enjoy most about making keepsake jewellery is the customers reaction and gratitude. 

“I’m truly giving them the gift of keeping a memory alive forever.”