Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

A bargain hunting dad could not believe how cheap Costco prices were after his first shopping trip there.

Tom Musto, 49, recently moved to Los Angeles, California, and on March 24 he shopped at the local Costco for the first time.

Tom could not believe how cheap food was there and after getting back home he kept marvelling at the prices, especially over bags of nuts.

Tom’s son TJ said: “He just moved here from the East coast and didn’t have any by him.

“He called me the day before from the store and asked if I had ever heard of Costco to which I laughed and said dad everyone’s heard of Costco.

“He got zucchini, pistachios, sausages, Marinara sauce, a case of water and paper plates.

“He went to the one in Simi Valley and still gets as excited about their deals if you bring it up to him.”