Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley

A daredevil police officer took a stunning wingsuit flight above the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio resident Gabriel Lott, 40, took flight on March 8 with friend Francisco Caus from the Barra da Tijuca area of the city.

The brave Rio Special Forces Police Officer got to soak up all of Rio’s bustling beauty in one go from a perfect bird’s eye view.

Soaring through the blue skies, Gabriel had a perfect view of all the top spots, including Copacabana beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain and even world wonder, Christ The Redeemer.

Though Gabriel has been practising extreme sports since he was 18, the experience left him speechless.

Gabriel said: “Extreme sports are my life. I can’t live without risk.

“Those who have never tried wingsuit flying can’t understand what it’s like to flying over the city.

“And those who have done it can’t explain the feeling. It’s just amazing!”