Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A fearless filmmaker captured stunning footage while highlining 300ft above the Arizona desert – despite having a fear of heights.

Amazing footage shows Jake Hewitt and pals balancing in the air between the cracked rock towers of Sedona.

To make matters even more tense, this was the very first time the line had ever been rigged up and walked on.

The incredible use of overhead shots emphasises the height and danger that Jake and his highlining junkies were facing, with nothing but sharp, jagged rocks to cushion their fall below.

With the gorgeous mountain range backdrop, Jake and his crew take to the skies and successfully Highline all the way between the two rock faces.

Jake said: “I have always had a slight fear of heights.

“I often have dreams where I am traversing a rock cliff with no gear and a hold breaks loose and I fall.

“Having a 300ft cliff that surrounds you 360 degrees with no way off except rappelling is unnerving to me, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.

“I felt extreme joy and pride being somewhere so incredible, I couldn’t stop marvelling at the situation.”

Jake, who moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2013 with the dream of becoming an outdoor filmmaker, took to the high-rise lifestyle of highlining.

He not only overcame his fears and tackled the scary heights of tight-rope walking across the 300 foot drop, but also took up the responsibility of capturing the amazing moment.

Jake said: “The funny thing is, filming is even scarier than walking a line for me.

“When you are walking, you are tied in and expect to fall and be caught.

“When filming, it’s just you, your camera and your coordination – it turns out that gravity is not very forgiving that high up.

“Filming highlining is unique as far as sports go. It often involves climbing up shear rock walls with all the film equipment.”

“It can also be difficult to make look exciting.

“It’s such a slow and static sport that if you aren’t constantly getting new angles and perspectives, it can but very boring.

“Even in the most extreme conditions, watching a single clip of a man slowly walking for minutes and minutes does not captivate an audience.”

Using a variety of angles and perspectives, Jake certainly managed to capture a breath-taking and daring moment for the Arizona highlining community, and it appears the skies the limit for these adrenaline junkies.

Jake said: “I am obsessed with rock towers and could spend an eternity only filming on towers.

“There are a few more tower lines that are in our scopes for the future.”