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By Rochelle Hughes

A pooch whose rough start in life completely destroyed her eyes has found a home – and become an Instagram star.

Five-month-old pup Puddin was rescued from her previous owners in Texas, US, at six weeks old after she was neglected and left with an eye infection.

Pic by Mercury Press

But by the time she was in the care of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas (SPCA), the puppy was completely blind and needed her eyes removed and eye sockets sewn up.

But new owner Cory Gonzales, 22, took in the injured pup, with her infectious enthusiasm for life despite her lack of sight touching the hearts of thousands of online fans ever since.

Student Cory, from Lubbock, Texas, said: “The SPCA found Puddin with a very severe eye infection. While the owners did not take care of Puddin, they refused to hand her over.

“The animal welfare society took them to court which took longer than they had hoped, and by the time they had won the case Puddin’s eyes were completely destroyed.

“They took Puddin to a specialist and he informed because of the damage done by the infection she was going to be left blind and further inspection of her eyes they realized that they were causing her a great deal of pain.

“To improve her quality of life they removed her eyes, and now here we are.”

Pic by Mercury Press

Cory, who is currently training to become and speech language pathologist, adopted Puddin three months ago.

She started an Instagram page, documenting Puddin’s adventures and already has almost 7,000 followers.

Followers can see Puddin learning new tricks and going about her day-to-day life.

Cory describes her as ‘ a spunky girl who enjoys long naps, biting her dad’s toes and cuddles’.

He added: “When I saw Puddin online I immediately fell in love with her ears, of all things.

Pic by Mercury Press

“The day after I met her I came back in and adopted her! I think we both feel so blessed to have met each other.

“She is five months old now, and the way she has adapted to her new life is incredible.

“She has really learned how to use her sense of smell to run, play, find her toys.

“Even stop herself from hitting things. It’s really amazing to watch.”