Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A pony was rescued after being found half-dead by the side of the road and is now living his best life.

In March, pony Craig was found by volunteers from My Lovely Horse Rescue lying on the side of a road in Dublin, Ireland.

The animal was weak and emaciated and had its bones sticking out.

Craig struggled to stand up and kept falling to the ground as volunteers and vets carried him to a horse-box.

Co-founder Martina Kenny said: “Once we got him back to the MLHR centre we all took turns through the night with him, he fell to the ground every night for about four nights in a row. 

“We then set a hoist up, got him slowly used to it and now he is in it every night and then can rest during the day, when he wants to get up, he struggles but so much better than he was.

“He’s made friends with some of the smaller ponies, Francis the goat and some of the pigs, he’ll happily stand with the oddest bunch munching hay.”

Craig is now in the care of volunteers at My Lovely Horse Rescue Centre and is slowly but steadily getting better.

Martina said: “Ponies like Craig are bred, bought and sold usually by kids in built up areas.

“There is a lot of antisocial behaviour in these areas and horses find themselves right in the middle of it. 

“Craig could have been born to a mare and his colour or type wasn’t wanted. 

“We don’t know his exact background but usually they are owned by kids who can’t look after them and once they ride them, they discard them like rubbish, leaving them to starve to death.”