Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A thrill seeker explored all the best natural waterslides of California.

Luckily for the residents of California, they don’t need to pay for entry into the state’s waterparks, as they have some incredibly thrilling natural waterslides dotted around the entire state.

Actor Jesse St. Louis, 41 and wife Samantha, 37, of Los Angeles have dedicated their lives to adrenaline inducing fun and have been lucky enough to dive headfirst into some of the most beautiful waterslides of their local wilderness.

Tucked away beneath the beautiful green canopy and cavernous caves of the golden state, they can be seen plummeting down slippery slopes and steep drops into cool refreshing springs and pools.

Jesse said: “What makes these slides so great is their pristine locations without large crowds.”

“I am constantly looking for new amazing places around the world and in particular new natural water slides. 

“Sometimes I just pour over satellite imagery of Google maps looking for anything that might be a slide.

“The steep slides are thrilling and safe when there is a deep enough pool.  

“But slippery granite at the top can send you tumbling down in a way that you don’t intend.  

“A good natural waterslide is one that has a perfect balance of slick rock, water flow, height, length and pool depth.”