Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A drunk woman slammed on to a bathroom floor after attempting some balancing tricks.

While visiting the women’s toilets in her local Wetherspoons in Hackney, London, Elle Bert didn’t see a red chair, but rather a perfect place to try and precariously balance.

With her legs dangling in the air, it doesn’t take long for the giggling drunkard to land flat on her back on the bathroom floor before laughing off the embarrassment.

After receiving some constructive criticism from her actual gymnast friend Carly, it’s safe to say that Elle won’t be heading to the 2020 Olympics. 

Elle said: “I can’t remember the fall, but I’ve fallen from a lot of stuff in my time, so I thought, oh well.

“I would recommend drunken gymnastics only to strong fun gladiators like myself.”