Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

Two kittens are getting ready to hit the beach this summer by working out in their private gym.

On March 22, Bengal cats Loki and Drogo were spotted by owner Robert Legere as they enjoyed a morning jog using a treadmill and a spinning wheel.

The kittens kept each other motivated with loud meows as they pushed their limit at home in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Robert said: “Their breed is very active being only five generations away from a wild leopard cat that makes up their DNA.  “When I got the treadmill, Loki was very curious about it and learned to use it within minutes. 

“Before I can get on it myself, I have to let him use it first. 

“Drogo has no interest in the treadmill and definitely prefers the wheel. 

“While they use them, they are quite vocal the entire time and actually prefer me to be in the room while they do.”