Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A sneaky rescue dog waited for his owner to practise pole dancing – before stealing her clothes.

Like most people, 28-year-old marketing manager Joyce Chatzopoulou likes to relax, wind down and keep fit with a hobby – in her case, practising pole dancing and acro yoga with her friends Mary and Alida.

However, the young professionals best keep an eye out in the future, as while Joyce was hanging half way up a pole in her home in Athens, Greece, her adorably sneaky rescue dog Milky pounced on the opportunity to steal jer clothes – but luckily only ran away with her discarded socks.

Joyce said: “Milky is really happy when my friends come over.

“He always wants to have our attention, so when we don’t give it to him, he steals our socks and runs.

“Milky watches us with curiosity during our work-out, and some days he even wants to participate.”

In hilarious footage, the four-year-old mix breed causally sauntered past the women, even confidently taking a quick sniff of one of the upside down acrobatics.

But Milky’s intentions become very clear as he hastily walks to the camera, rummages around and finds his prize, a pair of socks.

Milky clearly wasn’t as stealthy as he thought though, as all three women are off the pole and laughing by the time the determined dog flees the scene.

Though the pole dancing pooch may like to join in from time to time, it seems as though he doesn’t fully understand the concept of Fitness Pole Dancing yet.

Joyce said: “The first time Milky saw me do a headstand, he freaked out because he thought that something had happened to me.

“But he’s starting to get used to it.”

Milky the miracle dog is lucky to be pole-dancing and stealing socks, as before Joyce rescued him from the streets, the poor pooch was close to death.

Joyce said: “When I found him on the streets, he was only three months old and he was dying. 

“He received two months of antibiotics in order to survive, but it took him a further two years for him to overcome most of his fears.

“He wouldn’t approach other humans except for me and my close friends and family. 

 “I may have saved his life, but most importantly, now we both have the happiest life we could have imagined together.

“He is the most hilarious, protective and caring dog.”