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By Becca Husselbee

A shocked dog owner came home to find her new clothes had been shredded by her naughty pooch –  after a courier allegedly posted a note through the door saying it had been ‘left with the dog’.

Elly Holstead, 49, was horrified to return home from work last Thursday [March 21] to find the items she had bought from online shopping site Very had been torn to pieces by two-year-old cockapoo Roman.


Elly claims Yodel driver dumped the parcel over her garden gate before pushing a note through the door to say the items could not be delivered due to no one being home, but that they had been left the parcel with Roman.

After making a complaint to the company, mum-of-two Elly claims the original driver returned a few days later to apologise for the mix up and told her she threw the parcel to Roman because the much-loved family pet ‘looked friendly’.

Elly, who runs her own charity to help people with autism, said: “When I got home from work, I walked past he gate and it just caught my eye.

“I was so surprised and just couldn’t believe, the parcel was completely in bits. The packaging was completely destroyed and the skirt had teeth marks in it.


“When I saw the note saying it had been ‘left with the dog’, I almost found it funny – I’m not sure why anyone would think that was a good thing to do.

“I called Yodel and told them what had happened and he said to send the item back.

“I told him I couldn’t do that because it was in bits and covered in dog poo and the packaging and return slipped had also been destroyed.

“He then told me that it would be fine and I should just stick it all in a carrier a bag but I thought, ‘I’m not touching that’.”

Elly said when she made a phone call to Very, the company apologised for the mishap and offered to send a new one as a replacement.

But after the parcel could not be delivered for a second time, the original Yodel driver arrived to make sure the package was in safe hands and apologies to Elly for her the misunderstanding.

Elly said: “She came back to say sorry, which I was grateful for.


“But when I asked her why she had done it, she said ‘I thought he looked really friendly’.

“I just couldn’t believe it.”

Despite the ordeal, Roman was none the wiser of the upset his mischief had caused, and luckily didn’t need any medical attention from a vet.

Elly, who has owned Roman since he was 12 weeks old, said: “He was fine, although very happy with himself afterwards.

“I couldn’t be angry with him, it wasn’t his fault and we all know not to leave things around for him to chew.

“Hi favourite things to get hold of are clean washing and socks, although he did make a hole in my living room carpet too once.”


A spokesperson for Shop Direct, which operates, said: “We’ve contacted Ms Holstead to apologise for the customer service and delivery failures she experienced.

“We’ve sent her a replacement skirt and refunded the original cost of the item. We’ve also sent a bunch of flowers to say sorry.”

Yodel spokesperson Sarah Barnes said: “Our driver regularly makes successful deliveries to Ms Holstead’s address, and if nobody is in and a signature is not required, leaves them in the same location, out of public view.

“Our driver has since been in touch with Ms Holstead to safely deliver a replacement item, apologise, and agree an alternative location for her future deliveries.”