Animals Video

By Aliki Kraterou

A stray cat and her kittens have been rescued from their home under a tube station ESCALATOR.

Staff at Moorgate tube station in central London spotted the mum and her four kittens’ unusual hiding place last week and contacted the RSPCA.

The escalator area they had made their home is currently under construction and could have been dangerous for the moggies so animal welfare officer Siobhan Trinnaman rushed to help them.

The animal lover first located the kittens, who were believed to be only a few days old, and after some time was able to find their mum too before transferring the whole family to the charity’s Harmsworth Animal Hospital.

Siobhan said: “Staff at the station said the escalator was due to start test runs at 6pm so I needed to get there quickly to ensure the cats were safe and there were no delays to the work.

“They were very concerned that if they remained there and the escalator was running they would be injured or killed.

“I headed straight over and found the four tiny kittens and moved them to safety before setting a trap for mum, as she was nowhere to be seen.

“The kittens were tiny and still had their eyes closed.

“I couldn’t leave them there for the mum to return to as it wasn’t safe and I didn’t want them to get hurt.

“I was concerned about the mum too but, thankfully, just a few hours later I got a call to say that she’d been safely trapped.

“Where they had chosen to make their home was a very dangerous place for cats as it’s where the mechanism which run the escalator is.”

Siobhan said that the mum, who was named ‘Elizabeth’ after the new Crossrail line, was thin and had a cut on her nose but was otherwise healthy.

The kittens were also named after underground stations Bow, Colin, Dale and Earl.

Posters have been put up in order to locate the cat’s owner but if not, the whole family will be moved to an RSPCA rehoming centre for adoption.