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By Chris Jaffray

This brave owner lets his venomous blue tarantula walk all over his bare skin in incredible viral footage.

While the animals normally evoke terror, spider enthusiast Daniel Valcarcel said his huge six inch long pet doesn’t scare him – despite its potentially deadly bite.

PIC FROM Daniel Valcarcel / Mercury PressThe rare poecilotheria metallica spider has sapphire blue body parts with an intricate gold design on its body.

And far from biting its medical student owner, in the footage it can be seen crawling up and down his arm peacefully.

Daniel, 22, from Barcelona, said: “She has been in my care since 2015, when I bought her.

“It’s been thrilling because as she grows older and bigger, the blue colours become brighter and so more appealing.

“She’s indeed venomous – a bite from this type of spider puts one through unbearable pain and things like fever, nausea and muscle cramps.

PIC FROM Daniel Valcarcel / Mercury Press

“Death is extremely unlikely but could happen if the person bitten happened to be allergic to the venom.”

Daniel said the natural habit of the poecilotheria metallica is the forests surrounding the Indian city of Gooty, but the animal at risk of extinction due to deforestation.

He also said there is very little chance of his tarantula, which was bred in captivity, falling from his arms because it is an ‘expert climber, able to walk on glass walls and ceilings with ease’.

Expert advice suggests the act of manipulating poecilotheria is ‘thoroughly discouraged’ since species belonging to the genus possess venom which can lead to ‘very painful reactions and significant medical conditions’.

PIC FROM Daniel Valcarcel / Mercury Press

Daniel added: “I understand why some people are terrified of the footage, spiders aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

“But I still hope they can respect spiders because they are not malicious animals and would never go out of their way to harm them or bite them, contrary to what other animals would do.

“Plus they eat mosquitoes and such, which is a bonus.”