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By Kristiana Hall

I Lava Challenge! Adrenaline Junkie Paraglides Over Volcanoes In Amazing Footage

Thrill seeker Horacio Llorens Fernandez, 36, took the snaps while flying over the active Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala earlier this year.

PIC FROM Horacio Llorens/Caters News

The Madrid-born paragliding pilot took off from the top of the nearby inactive Acatenango volcano but didn’t expect to get so up close and personal with the natural spectacle.

He said: “I took off from the top of Acatenango, I was really close to it but it was luckily inactive.

“But as soon as I was in the air I began to fly near the Volcan de Fuego and watch the eruptions close up.

PIC FROM Horacio Llorens/Caters News

“It was such a unique experience and just unbelievable.

“The power of nature and the the sound of a mountain alive erupting materials to the sky – nothing can prepare you for this moment.”

Horacio has been paragliding since the age of 14, and said it had always been a dream of his to fly around Volcan de Fuego.

PIC FROM Horacio Llorens/Caters News

He added: “I’ve dedicated 22 years of my life to flying and learning every day.

“I feel that the way is long enough to keep me learning for many more years.

“Flying is just infinite and unique.”