Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

A team of daredevils jumped from a hot air balloon followed closely by a drone.

In February, five adventurers jumped out of a hot air balloon and glided through the air in their wing suits before a beautiful sunrise in California.

Chris Teal’s drone filmed the five as they plummeted through the sky.

One of the jumpers flew on his own wearing only a wing suit, while the other four were in pairs of two, with wing suits and parachutes.

Chris said: “My goal was to film angles that are only possible with these racing drones capable of speeds upwards of 120mph. 

“We got up at sunrise hoping for no wind or fog, let off a few party balloons with lights in the air to check wind direction. 

“Looking like optimal conditions, everyone moved into position. 

“After we successfully achieved a link to the drone, we knew it was a go.

“Overall it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”