Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A huge humpback performed a perfect photobomb when it popped its head in front of a woman filming a swimming whale.

Avid whale watcher Chelsea Bradley got more than she bargained for when viewing a pod of the majestic creatures on March 5 off the coast of Catalina, California.

While lining up the perfect shot of a casually swimming humpback, a ginormous glory seeker clearly got the hump and burst out of the ocean to steal the limelight.

Chelsea was so focused on trying to capture the gentle giant in the background that she was extremely surprised by the playful nature of the second whale.

Chelsea said: “We spent a couple of hours surrounded by 20 to 30 humpbacks.

“Those two were the most playful whales I’ve ever encountered. 

“The whale gave us the ultimate photobomb.”