Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

An adorable little boy throws a tantrum over being called ‘cute’.

Little Dash Peter, from Brooklyn, New York, has a big problem, and it’s a problem so rare that only a very small handful of us could possibly understand. 

The five-year-old heartbreaker has become sick and tired of constantly being called cute and wasn’t afraid to let mum Nadine Valme know how he feels.

Dash passionately explains how unacceptable it is that he is called cute eight days a week and pleads to only having to hear the dreaded word a more reasonable three days a week.

Nadine said: “Dash gets called cute literally everywhere we go. 

“At least one to ten people comment on a daily basis.

 “The attention is also due to his personality – he talks to everyone. 

“He doesn’t know how lucky he is.”