Animals Video

By David Aspinall

An adorable dog recovered from his face being slashed with a machete just above his eye.

Jamaul Brown was on holiday in Jamaica when he came across poor pooch Ngolo, who was sporting a huge gash just above his left eye.

Taking pity on the injured canine, he took him straight to a nearby vet for treatment, waiting patiently for him to recover.

Healthy enough to travel, Jamaul brought Ngolo back to his home in Florida, where despite his left eye having scars from the attack, he lives a relatively normal life.

Jamaul said: “Ngolo is a very happy and playful dog now.

“When we first found him, it was a very different story.

“My heart was torn apart when he appeared with the cut above his eye.

“I honestly wasn’t sure whether he would survive.

“He was caught up in an argument between his previous owner and he was the victim.”

When Jamaul took him to the vets, Ngolo was bleeding profusely and it was only after 12 stitches that it was stopped.

Jamaul said: “His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.

“Ngolo was definitely affected by the attack, his nerves were damaged.

“Now he has crazy high energy. 

“He moves so fast and is constantly eating.”