By Jamie Smith

This group of bunnies appeared out of thin HARE before playing together in the snow.

The stunning pictures, taken by German wildlife photographer Nikonhase, were captured in Burgenland, Austria.

Pic by Nikonhase/Caters News

In one of the images, a cheeky hare can be seen hopping on top of one of its pals.

The photographer said: “The weather was very unstable while taking these images.

“The light snowfall began to set in and then I discovered a group of hares in a field.

Pic by Nikonhase/Caters News

“The old stems and remains of shrubs made it very difficult to focus with the camera but nevertheless I got some useful and good photos.

“One photo was very special to me. On this photo it looks as if one hare slips down the other hare.”