Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta

A sexy acrobat has gone viral for her jaw-dropping contortionist moves.

Kelly Saabel, 22, from Düren, Germany, leaves people awestruck as she balances on poles on her hands before performing incredible gymnastic moves to music.

In the incredible footage, the circus artist bends her body almost in half, gradually placing her head through her thighs.

Pic by Kelly Saabel/ CATERS NEWS

The acrobat, dubbed ‘Rubber Girl’, said she was born with a more flexible body than other people but puts her incredible moves down to hours of practice.

Kelly said: “I was born more flexible than other kids so for me it has been much easier, but still, to arrive at this level of flexibility it needed a lot of training.

“These skills are less about talent and more about hard work.

“I work as a circus artist doing an acrobatic routine dressed as an elf, and my main trick is to shoot a bow and arrow with my feet.

“Sometimes I also perform in private events, theatre and disco clubs.

Pic by Peter Wieler/ CATERS NEWS

“I can bend my body while sitting with my butt touching my head, or bend until I can place my head between my thighs.”

Kelly started doing acrobatics at the age of eight before taking up yoga aged 20.

She still practices yoga twice a day to keep herself supple before undergoing a gruelling four hours a day acrobatic training schedule.

She said: “I started doing acrobatics after I saw a video of the Cirque du Soleil.

“The first time I saw Olga Pikiencho performing a hand-balancing and acrobatic performance, I fell in love with this discipline.

Pic by Kelly Saabel/ CATERS NEWS

“I think the reason for my flexible body is daily practice and stretching, and being very patient because it takes time.

“With practice and dedication and a healthy lifestyle, anyone can be flexible.

“In acrobatics the training is very hard and sometimes painful, but it is a very enjoyable sport as well.

“I don’t find what I do only a hobby, for me it is a way of living.

“Since I started doing yoga and acrobats, I feel more balanced, my body feels younger and I am much more relaxed.”