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By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A extreme dog groomer has transformed her pooch into a very believable POLAR BEAR.

But this isn’t the end to owner Rachelle Lynn McGinnis’s talents – she has created a variety of looks for her poodle, Bijou, including a horse, dragon and even a peacock.  

PIC FROM Caters News

The 32-year-old, who owns a dog grooming business, has used controversial methods such as dying and carving the fur of her pooch to create her inventive designs.

But according to Lynn, Bijou – who is 12 year’s old – loves being transformed into different species, no matter how long it takes.

Rachelle, from New Hampshire, USA, who owns called K-9 designs, said: “The wackier designs the better.

“But Bijou has been everything from a horse, to a dragon to a polar bear.

“It’s something I love doing and I feel like it shows off my creativity.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Bijou is colour-blind – she’s not bothered what she looks like as long as she’s healthy, loved and happy.”

The timing of Rachelle’s unique designs can vary massively, and each are their own project.

Rachelle added: “At the moment she looks like  a polar bear, and this one requires lots of hairspray.

“She’s so fluffy that the main part of it is washing and brushing her.

“To actually style it, the final part only takes about 30 minutes, but to grow her fur to look like a polar bear took six months.

“When I first cut the fur into the right shapes it took a couple of hours but I always do it in stages.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Bijou doesn’t need to be standing for hours at a time and it’s good to give her the breaks.

“My most complex design was turning her into a  horse – she had a saddle, and mane.

“It was such an intricate carving that in the end that it must have taken about eight hours to complete.”

Rachelle’s designs has attracted a lot of attention for Bijou as she claims everyone stops to take a look.

She said: “People always ask for pictures – I’ve even had people get out of their car because they want to stroke her.

PIC FROM Caters News

“For Bijou, it’s all about the attention – it’s not like she looks in the mirror, she just loves being groomed and stroked.

“In order to get her image looking really realistic I had to get the polar bear design perfectly.

“I also had to make sure the photos were great so she had to be stood at a certain angle with her neck elongated and we were lucky – we got some great shots of her in the snow.

“Taken from a distance, she blends right in and it’s easily believable that there’s a mini polar bear lurking about.

“My plan is to make her a sheep next – the polar bear is hard to maintain, but with a sheep she can have a fluffy body, and then closely trimmed paws, dyed black like hooves.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Rachelle says she has received a great reaction on social media to her photo shoot of her polar bear.

She added: “Someone wrote that they seriously thought they were looking at a picture of a polar bear.

“It’s amazing how realistic he looks in both the photos and real life.

“I am very proud of my creations so far.”