Life Video

By Jack Mobley

A kind motorist stepped out of her car to help a blind pedestrian cross a busy intersection.

On March 18, Jacob Sanders was driving his truck in Las Vegas, Nevada, when he filmed the heart-warming scene taking place at a red traffic light.

A blind man appeared to be lost and standing in the middle of stopped cars, when a woman got out of her vehicle and came to his aid.

She took the man’s hand and walked him across three lines of traffic towards the pavement.

Jacob said: “At first, my thought was, is this real, or is this one of those ‘what would you do’ TV show setups? 

“Once they safely made it to the other side of the road, I was smiling because of the kindness of the situation.

“My brother is blind, so I have plenty of experience working with that disability, but I’ve never seen that kind of thing happen in a busy intersection.”