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By Charlotte Nisbet

A model who spent over £75,000 [$100,000] on nine boob jobs had her implants removed after her body began forcing them out of her chest.


Bobbi Billard, 43, underwent her first breast argumentation in 1993 aged 18 in a bid to further her career – something that led to a further eight surgeries as she battled a complication known as capsular contracture, which causes scar tissue around the implant to tighten and contract.

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Despite suffering for years from fatigue, chronic neck and back pain, which Bobbi believes was linked to her breast implants, it wasn’t until last summer that she realised her one breast implant – which was red and warm to the touch – was trying to force itself out of her body.

Bobbi claims she was dismissed by doctors for six months before her symptoms intensified and her breast began to swell.

In January, after antibiotics failed to help, Bobbi visited her plastic surgeon who told her that her implant needed to be drained and removed right away.

That day, he drained the fluid that had built up around her inflamed breast and sent it to a lab for testing.

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This wound would later reopen causing her to feel exhausted, nauseous and her entire body ached while leaving her looking as though she had a gunshot wound.

Bobbi says that after multiple tests on the fluid, the type of infection could not be named or determined.

Bobbi – who sought advice through Facebook group, Breast Implant Illness – decided to explant on February 1, in a bid to solve her health issues.

Bobbi, who is also an actress, from Las Vegas, US, said: “I felt like I was being poisoned from the inside out.

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“After over two decades of having breast implants I think my body decided enough was enough.

“I’d spent a small fortune over the years, £75,000 [100,000] as I was constantly trying to correct my capsular contracture.

“Each surgery cost no less than $10,000 but I made my money as a model which required me to look a certain way and had no choice but to keep getting surgery to fix them.

“But by 2019, which was 26 years after my first operation, I decided to explant and have my implants removed after years of suffering from an unknown auto immune illness.

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“I had no energy, dark circles around my eyes, chronic neck and back pain, joint pain and itching eyes just to name a few.

“It wasn’t until researching my symptoms online and finding the Facebook group that I realised that I had BII.

“More than 500,000 women have Breast Implant Illness today, all while medical professionals refute this illness as a thing.

“It’s incredible that plastic surgeons are taking the same type of approach as cigarette companies once did, saying their products have no negative health ramifications.

“Breast implants are made from toxic chemicals. If water bottles can leach chemicals into the water we drink, then why is it a stretch to think that breast implants can leach chemicals inside of our bodies and enter our blood stream?”

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After Bobbi found a Facebook group online called Breast Implant Illness she suddenly began to understand the condition and her symptoms for her auto immune illness finally had a cause.

She added: “There was no doubt that my mystery illness was being caused by my breast implants.

“After explanting I went from a DD to a B cup and while the recovery to rejuvenate my breasts is a work in progress, for the first time, I am happier, wiser and on the road to being the healthiest I have ever been.

“I’m not going to lie, my breasts do look like shrivelled raisins but I am learning to love and embrace my new figure.

“It’s important to note that even after my bad experience with breast augmentation surgery, that I am not against breast implants or plastic surgery as long as it is done after being fully informed about the risks.”

Bobbi claims she was not aware of the dangers of breast surgery despite undergoing nine operations in total.

She added: “I cannot recall one plastic surgeon telling me that breast implants can cause problems if they haven’t even ruptured in the nine breast surgeries I had.

“It’s up to the patient to keep track of the devices put into their bodies which many are unaware only last 10 years, they don’t last a life time.

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“As I continue to heal, I continue to research more and more about breast implants and the illnesses they can cause.

“No one really knows what chemicals are used to make implants or the implications these have.”

Bobbi says she believes she was suffering from Breast Implant Illness which is not something medical professionals have yet identified as an actual cause of illness.

The former model for Playboy said: “Many plastic surgeons don’t believe in explanting as they think it’s in people’s minds.

“The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] recommends getting regular MRI’s of breast implants to check for silent rupture. Breast implants degrade and break down over time.

“The first thing I noticed after surgery was that my back and neck pain was instantly better. I felt lighter on my feet.

“I haven’t had any headaches and my eyes don’t itch or burn as much.

“I know all of this is because I have explanted and I’m so happy I have.”