Life Video

By Jack Williams

People with Down Syndrome from across Britain and Ireland highlighted the beauty of the condition with an amazing fashion shoot to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

As part of the Radical Beauty Project – which looks to challenge opinions about beauty in contemporary society – adults and children with DownSyndrome were brought together to pose in styles and attire that would look at home during fashion week or in high-end magazines.


The shoot was held as a collaboration with Zebedee Management, a Sheffield-based agency that looks to provide opportunities for those with diverse disabilities.

World Down Syndrome Day takes place today [March 21] every year, with that date being chosen because those with Down syndrome have a third copy of chromosome 21 instead of two, a genetic condition known as trisomy 21.

Zoe Proctor, one of two directors with Zebedee Management, said: “When it comes to Down syndrome, most people are so prejudiced – for many a reason, and we aim at challenging these reasons in the process – that they can’t see the forest for the trees and keep these very capable individuals back, in the shadows preferably.

“Actually, they are pretty sure there’s no forest, they strongly believe there’s just one tree called Down syndrome, end of.


“We are desperate to change that and reveal to everyone the huge forest beyond the trees, the endless abilities people with Down syndrome have, when given the chance.”

The creative director for the project, Daniel Vais of the Radical Beauty Project, said he believes in the beauty and uniqueness of those with Downsyndrome and is working on a photography book that will only feature those with the condition.

More than 40 fashion and art photographers have worked on the project to date.