Animals Video

By Neo Bye

A daredevil dog loves skiing with his owners and even rides on ski lifts with them.

On January 31, good boy Ben jumped with his owner Nigel Thompson on a ski lift in Zauchensee, Austria, and calmly looked down at the snowy mountain side that stretched before them.

According to Nigel, the Swiss white shepherd is fast becoming a superstar on the pistes as most people are amazed to see him catch the lifts.

Nigel said: “Getting Ben to go on to ski lifts took about a month of training as there are many different types of ski lifts and the conveyor belt systems with some lifts added some initial difficulties.

“We know most of the lift guys so they were very patient with the training and also it had a certain amount of amusement value, as how often do you see a dog getting onto a lift by himself?

“There is no shortage of people who want to photo or film him.”