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helpful dog

By David Aspinall

This helpful husky proved he is a real pedigree chum by holding open the dog flap so his terrified chihuahua friend could walk through.

Timon the four-year-old stares anxiously at the plastic door out the back of his home in Salem, Oregon, USA, unable to work up the courage to step past it.

Spotting his canine buddy’s plight, Tillman the two-year-old husky wanders over to the barrier and nudges it with his snout.

Unable to step through the small space, Timon waits patiently as Tillman finally forces a large enough gap so his furry friend can jump back inside.

Michael Miller, the dogs’ owner, said: “I loved seeing this compassion from my pups.

“Tillman is a very thoughtful and caring brother helping Timon through the door.

“I just couldn’t work out how he was getting back in the house but finally spotted it.”

Michael has six dogs in total – four huskies, a corgi and a chihuahua – and to make life easier for himself, fitted the doggy door to allow them all access to the garden.

Michael said: “Timon was so scared of the door he kept having accidents in the house.

“So, I would let him out but a couple of minutes later he would be back in the house and I thought he’d overcome his fear.

“But he still wouldn’t go out on his own so I had to see what was happening.

“I watched from the bedroom as Tillman let him in and thought it was a fluke but the next day he did it again.”Help