Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A heroic coastguard saved a tiny puppy from a freezing river.

While Anne Graceffa was sat on the banks of the Milwaukee River in Wisconsin on March 20, she spotted the daring rescue.

A courageous coastguard leaped into the freezing cold water and braved the ice, floating debris and filth in order to try and save a scared and freezing puppy.

The brave act was almost futile as the puppy’s head was forced under water by two giant blocks of solid ice slamming together.

Onlookers above screamed with fear that the coastguard may have been too late.

When all seemed lost the fearless coastguard plunged his arms into the icy, black sub-zero water in order to pull the puppy above water and to safety.

With screams of happiness and relief from the crowd, the coastguard was praised for a good job as he cradled the small trembling puppy.

Anne said: “The coastguard was a hero

“Once the puppy was lifted out of the river, it was given to a member of the police department to warm up.”