Offbeat Video
By Joe McFarlane 

An intense Russian public holiday includes a massive snowball fight where one side besieges an icy fortress.

Celebrating folk music and games, Bakshevskaya Maslyanitsa held outside Moscow, features a huge battle with one team defending their snowy castle from above.
On March 10 this year, hundreds of people reunited in a forest, whose coordinates were kept secret, with the main event focused on the hilarious hi jinx.
They enjoyed their time by playing folk music and games – strictly without alcohol – and finally besieging a fortress made of snow.
Petr Sterlikov, who filmed the spectacular siege, said: “The game is that a bear kidnapped the Maslenitsa Doll and does not want to give it away.
“A warlord summons an army, and then everyone storms the fortress.
“The fortress is considered surrendered when at least one person manages to climb over the wall.
“When they take the fortress, the doll is taken to the center of the glade and burned, thereby saying goodbye to winter and calling for spring.
“I’m going to this holiday since 2006 and every year there is something new for me.
“When I first got there I was very impressed, it seemed to me something fabulous and unreal, because in the ordinary there are not so many happy and active people in one place.
“During the assault, people act harmoniously and together, everyone understands that this is just a game, rescue services are watching the climb and are ready to provide first aid at any time.”