Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A wacky baker has created an array of unusual Victoria sponge cakes which don’t appear too appetising.

From a full English fry up to a giant cigarette that actually appears alight, there’s no end to George McCallum’s talents.

The 28-year-old was asked to make his recent creation in the shape of a cigarette for his boss’ birthday.

The creative Londoner’s other favourites include a full English fry up cake along with a sushi-inspired sweet desert.

George, who works for a London-based advertising agency, enjoys baking cakes in his spare time and has recently set up an Instagram page to showcase his work.

He said: “My boss asked me to make a birthday cake in the shape of a cigarette for the other director as he smokes too much.

“It was a Victoria sponge birthday cake, but the ash on the end of the cigarette was made from Rice Krispie marshmallow squares.

“It was nice to see everyone enjoying the cake as it looked so gross but tasted great.

“The reaction from everyone in the office was mainly bemusement.

“I have made a few other strange ones in the past – the wackier the better I think.”

To see more of George’s cakes, visit @georgemccallumbakes on Instagram.