Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto/Randal Coombs

This is the heart stopping moment a girl on spring break falls off a tall pole on a beach.

While Keegan Burkhardt was celebrating with thousands of other students at South Padre Island, Texas, on March 10, one woman decided to climb a flag pole.

The girl – identified as Haylee Hoefgen – shimmies up to the top of the structure with the crowd cheering her every move.

Having reached the top, Haylee’s weight appears to shift the balance of the pole, sending it over to the side and launching her to the ground.

Keegan said: “I was actually just dumb founded and was laughing so hard.

“Fraternity guys had a flag pole and drunkenly challenged people to climb it.

“Two girls had already tried to climb it before the girl who fell did.

“She then started to climb and everyone noticed and started chanting her on which led to her getting to the top and then falling.”

In local reports, Haylee confirmed she had suffered several bruises and grazes from her fall.