Video Viral

By Neo Bye

A pair of PVC trousers split open over a woman’s bottom after she struggled to put them on.

Laura Belbin, from Gosport, UK, went through a dramatic few minutes as she desperately tried to pull the tight trousers up to her waist – similar to the scene from Friends where Ross can’t put his trousers back on.

When Laura finally succeeded on February 21, the fabric broke over her buttocks as she sported her new look in front of the camera.

Laura said: “By the time I had got to the point where I had them on and they then ripped, I was just relieved they hadn’t passed out because I had spent 10 minutes of my life I wouldn’t get back trying to get them on and I was sweating for the sheer effort it had taken.

“Being a massive Friends fan meant all the comments weren’t lost on me. 

 “In fact, it only made it funnier because as I watched the video back all I could think about was Ross in that bathroom on his date.”